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Paris is rude!

Arkansas family that hosted Paris Hilton, Nicole Ritchie hurt by comment

LITTLE ROCK (Arkansas) July 4 - The farm family that hosted heiress Paris Hilton and her friend Nicole Richie for the first season of ``The Simple Life'' says life has not always been easy since the show aired.

Albert and Janet Leding of Altus took in the two in while Fox television crews filmed the glamorous pair cleaning chicken coops and examining cows. This season they are driving a recreational vehicle from Florida to California on ``The Simple Life 2.''

The Ledings say they have received reams of fan mail and dozens of friendly phone calls since the first season aired. But mom Janet Leding says one message hurt her feelings.

When Entertainment Weekly magazine asked Hilton last month if she kept in touch with the Ledings, she replied, ``I changed my number.''

Leding wonders why.

``She made us sound like we were trying to stalk her,'' Janet Leding said. ``Who's been calling her? We talked to them a couple of times right after they left. Nicole - I talked to her about three times. We weren't trying to call them all the time. We don't care one way or other.''

But Janet and her husband Albert said they can't speak for the boys of Altus, population 817, some of whom became more than friendly with Hilton and Richie.

``They may have tried to contact them,'' Janet said. - AP

I think that sucks that Paris is being so rude!
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