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Paris in NEW video

This is kind of old news... but I didn't see it posted.

Won-G and Paris Hilton are 'Caught Up In The Rapture' On the America Online(r) Service

AOL(r) Music to Debut Video Starring Paris Hilton For Won-G's Remake Featuring Gizelle of the Blondie Classic
Exclusive World Premiere First View Will Be Available Only On The AOL(r) for Broadband and AOL(r) Services For Five Days

NEW YORK, April 30, 2004 - Beginning on Friday April 30th, AOL(r) Music will feature the exclusive world premiere of the brand-new video for Won-G's "Caught Up In The Rapture" featuring Gizelle. The song is a remake of the Blondie classic "Rapture." AOL Music will debut the video, which stars Paris Hilton, five days prior to its broadcast on television. This exclusive world premiere is part of AOL(r) First View, one of AOL Music's popular programs, which regularly debuts hotly anticipated new videos before they air anywhere else, including television. Recent AOL First Views have included videos from artists such as Avril Lavigne, Usher and Sting.

Won-G, who embraces his nationality with the moniker "The Haiti Boy," has steadily gained traction among American audiences through a melting pot of musical flavors, from edgy hip-hop to melodic R&B, with funk, pop, and reggae stirred into the mix. After four albums, three self-distributed and one flying largely below the radar, his fifth, Rage of the Age, will be released on July 13, 2004 on Real Sovage/Sanctuary - BMG. "Caught Up in the Rapture" is the album's first single.

If you have AOL, you can view it at,1132967&_AOLFORM=w656.h395.p7.R10

Here's where I got the article from:

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