Summer Time (summer__breeze) wrote in thehiltons,
Summer Time

[Above the opening scene to SL2, and the pink truck the girls will drive cross country] March 14, 2004 -- Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie play dress-up one last time as they shoot an opening scene for "Simple Life 2."The socialites-turned-reality-TV-stars have gassed up their cotton-candy pink pickup and are hitting the road for a 30-day cross-country drive from Miami Beach to Beverly Hills
with no money, no credit cards, no cell phones - and no boyfriends. They'll be towing a live-in trailer, and along the way they'll have jobs set up for them in such hot spots (emphasis on hot) as Brooksville, Fla., and Lafayette, La. Life is sure to to quickly get complicated.

The car and the girls

title or description

title or description
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Is that a new dog with Paris?
…or is that Nicole’s?
its nicoles - its a shih tzu..
paris has a dog too - tinkerbell which is a chihahua.
- jenn <333